About Us

Taken from the thoughts, feelings, emotions and observations of varying subjects and experiences are our lyrics / poetry.

Some real stories, some imagination and some just “off the wall”. We are inspired by experience, various countries visited and the literature and books we read.

We observe our own thoughts and feel we all share certain thoughts, emotions and moods that we like to put across in a rhyming and, we hope insightful way, to stir these feelings in others.

We would like to collaborate with musicians or are happy to let music / arrangement take place without our input. The work needs chorus, melody etc. and, no doubt, alteration to fit music. Some works have chorus etc. withheld and is available upon request.

Please use our Contact Us page to get in touch and discuss your needs, we’ll be happy to help in any way we can.

Many Thanks,

The Lyric DeepTM Team